What’s the Best CRM for LinkedIn?

We all know that LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to sales, recruiting, or even fundraising. However, very few CRMs actually integrate with LinkedIn, and the busy work involved in pulling information from LinkedIn, cleaning it up, and importing it into your CRM just takes too long. 

So, what's the best CRM for LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Well, in this article, we'll be discussing the best CRMs for LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator and reviewing the features you should look for before making a decision. 

Let's dive in!

Must Have LinkedIn Features in Your LinkedIn CRM

There are tons of different ways that tools can integrate with LinkedIn, and some are far more important than others. Regardless, here are the features you're going to want to make sure your CRM has if you take LinkedIn seriously.

1) Profile Data Scraping

LinkedIn has the world's largest database of professionals. However, if you're unable to import this data into your CRM, it's not all that useful. 

So, make sure whatever tool you're using can pull information from a LinkedIn profile and import it directly into your CRM. A good example of this is the LeadLoft Prospector. If you've installed this Chrome extension, you'll be able to navigate to anybody's profile, click save, and import all of the contacts and company information into your CRM dashboard. If you're looking for a variety of tools that you can integrate together, you could also consider using ZoomInfo, it might just be a little more costly.

2) Email & Phone Finder

Another useful feature is the ability to uncover anyone's contact information. You can then use this contact information to run cold outreach or to follow up with a lead that's gone cold.

Regardless, if LinkedIn is important to you, make sure the CRM you select has an email and phone finder. The tools we mentioned previously, LeadLoft Prospector and ZoomInfo, both have the capability to find anyone's contact information.

3) LinkedIn Outreach Automation

Another major feature you'll likely need is LinkedIn outreach automation. If you're looking to generate leads, you're going to need to be able to automatically connect and automatically message contacts. 

Here's an example of what a LinkedIn outreach sequence might look like. It's also good to be aware that many tools offer manual outreach, which is still useful. 

Just keep in mind that it is going to be extremely time-intensive for you to run outreach.

4) LinkedIn Message Sync

If you've ever used LinkedIn inbox, you're going to be very aware that it's difficult to know who you're talking to and who to follow up with. In many ways, it's an endless stream of conversations that are almost impossible to track down and follow up with. This obviously won't work when it comes to sales. 

So, if you're looking for a CRM that works well with LinkedIn, you're going to want to make sure that it offers LinkedIn message sync. 

This will ensure it's easy to know exactly who to follow up with and will also ensure you're keeping tabs on all of your conversations. 

If this feature is really important to you, the two tools you may want to look at are Octopus CRM and LeadLoft, both of which offer LinkedIn inboxes and message sync.

5) Safety Features

LinkedIn has cracked down on automation in the past few years, so it's important that you select a software that keeps your account safe. This means it's best to opt for more sophisticated tools like LeadLoft, which offer more advanced LinkedIn safety features. The outreach limitations you're going to want to make sure your CRM has are daily connection limits, daily message limits, and email elements if you're using email outreach as well. If you use a tool that has sophisticated safety features for LinkedIn, this is likely what you're going to see: 

If you want to learn more about how to stay safe while using LinkedIn automation, I recommend you check out our article on all of LinkedIn's limits here.

6) Human Like Sending

One of the most overlooked features for LinkedIn Outreach is human-like sending. 

If you're running outreach, or better yet, automating it, you're going to want to ensure that all of your messages and connections appear as if they're coming from a human. 

Some tools don't consider your account's safety to save on server costs. Therefore, when selecting your LinkedIn CRM, ensure you choose a tool that has features mimicking human behavior to evade LinkedIn's spam filters.

6) Cloud Operation (Works While Away)

Another important feature is how the tool operates. Does it operate from your browser or from your desktop? In these cases, you're going to have to keep your computer on and open in order for them to be running. 

The other option is to use a solution that operates in the cloud, like Lead Loft. This means that you can run all of your operations and outreach while you're away from your computer. 

This is obviously beneficial for a variety of reasons. The best thing is that you can relax or take a break from your computer, all while knowing that your outreach is still running in the background.

7) Basic CRM Features

The last thing you're going to want to ensure your LinkedIn CRM has is basic CRM features. This may not be the most exciting feature on the list, but it is actually one of the most important. If you don't have basic CRM features, then you're really just signing up for a LinkedIn automation tool, not a true CRM. 

If you're reading this article, you likely want a CRM that works in tandem with LinkedIn. In this case, the tools you're going to want to consider are LeadLoft or Octopus CRM.

What’s the best CRM for LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Based on our feature requirements mentioned above, the best CRM for LinkedIn and Linkedin Sales Navigator is LeadLoft. 

#1) LeadLoft

LeadLoft is an easy-to-use CRM that comes stacked with a ton of features. And most importantly, a ton of LinkedIn specific features, which includes many of the features mentioned above. 

This means LeadLoft checks off every single box that we outlined above. Even better, LinkedIn posts some advanced CRM features served by an easy-to-use dashboard. 

So, when it comes to CRM for LinkedIn, LeadLoft is the clear number one in this category.

Website: www.leadloft.com

Pricing: $5/month


  • LinkedIn Prospector
  • LinkedIn Outreach Automation
  • LinkedIn Message Sync
  • Safety Settings
  • Human Like Sending
  • Works from the Cloud


  • No Auto-Scraping
  • No Auto Liking

#2) Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is another interesting solution for LinkedIn. Unlike Lead Loft, Octopus CRM is designed specifically for LinkedIn. This means it doesn't offer features like email, calling, texting, or other outreach channels but instead focuses specifically on LinkedIn. Depending on your use case, this could be a positive or a negative. Regardless, if you're looking for a LinkedIn specific solution, Octopus CRM could be a great tool for you to manage contacts on LinkedIn.

Website: octopuscrm.io 

Pricing: $24.99/month


  • LinkedIn Outreach Automation
  • LinkedIn Message Sync
  • Safety Settings
  • Auto Scraping


  • No Human Like Sending
  • Lacks Some CRM features
  • No Email Integration
  • No Phone Integration

#3) Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the last CRM we're going to mention. Unlike LeadLoft and Octopus CRM, Agile CRM has a limited set of features when it comes to LinkedIn. 

However, we thought it was important to mention because it is designed for larger teams. 

If you're looking for a CRM that has some light LinkedIn integrations, like LinkedIn prospecting and manual LinkedIn connections, Agile CRM will be a great option. 

It will be an especially great choice if LinkedIn features aren't the most important to you, but you would like to have a light set of LinkedIn integrations in your CRM just in case.

Website: www.agilecrm.com 

Pricing: $47.99


  • LinkedIn Prospector
  • LinkedIn Connect


  • No LinkedIn Automations
  • No LinkedIn Message Sync
  • No Auto Scraping

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, there are a ton of different tools you can use to run outreach on LinkedIn and to even track the conversations. The tool that works best for you and your team will ultimately depend on the size of your team and your use case. 

If you're looking for a simple LinkedIn tool that can run automated connections and track some conversations, Octopus CRM is likely a great tool for you. 

On the other hand, if you need a sophisticated CRM that can run outreach across multiple channels, track your deal flow, and scale with your company, LinkedIn is likely the best LinkedIn CRM for you and your team. 

Regardless, go give all of these tools a try and let us know what you think. If you have additional questions or would like some help selecting the CRM that's right for you, feel free to reach out to our team.

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