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"…They even uncovered investors in my own domain that I had somehow missed. It really should be part of everyone's fundraise."
Brian Gannon
"In the last 2 months, we've already generated more than 100 meetings with interested prospects."
Augusto Guevara
Vice President
“Any founder/CEO that is looking for the right partner to multiply their efforts during fundraising should talk to LeadLoft. Highly recommended.”
Sami Asikainen

Modern Fundraising

Fresh Investor Data

LeadLoft verifies emails for both server & syntax verification to ensure 98% deliverability, open, and response rates.

Impact Investors

Find investors focused on diversity, female founders, and sustainable companies.

Powerful Investor Filters

Maximize investment results by engaging with investors and firms specifically interested in your industry, stage, investment type, and location.

Prominent Investors

Investors are tagged by prominence so both famous and strategic investors are easy to locate and save


Investor Suite Features

100k+ Investor Pool

Get in touch with an ocean of accredited and professional investors.

Bounce Proof Investor Emails

Every investor email is double verified and tested for 98% deliverability.

No Investor Overlap

All duplicates are removed so you can forget about investor overlap and focus raising capital.

Enriched Investor Data

Every LeadLoft investor goes through advanced enrichment providing your team with unique insights into investors.

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