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HubSpot is one of the most powerful CRMs but is it right for your team? Below we'll be covering why LeadLoft is the better CRM to power your team.

Our take

HubSpot is complex and expensive. Simplify your life, save money, and drive results with LeadLoft.

HubSpot is extremely powerful and achieve almost any team's goals. The only downside? It will take months and multiple salaried employees to get it set up correctly. For most companies, a simple intuitive sales software is what yields the best results. LeadLoft was built for this purpose, to replace complex CRMs like HubSpot without sacrificing any results. This means you can get your team set up in hours and begin generating results in days.


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LeadLoft provides prospecting solutions for fundraising, sales, and lead generation.

Supercharge your sales process with Sales Hub, a powerful and easy to use sales CRM that includes sales engagement tools, configure-price-quote (CPQ) functionality, and robust sales analytics and reporting for growing teams. Sales Hub is built on the leading HubSpot Growth Platform, where you can bring your customer data, tools, and teams together in one central system of record. Whether its strategies, services, or software, HubSpot has everything you need to grow better.

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