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Search, sort, and save investor emails from a database totaling more than 100,000 individual investors. LeadLoft's database can help you connect with angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, private equity firms, and so much more.

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Get started by installing LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector.

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Search LinkedIn for prospects you want to get in touch with and save them instantly.

Step 3: Export Investor Data

Next, just click "export" and LeadLoft will provide an organized list of verified investor data.


Deduplicate Investors by Firm & Avoid Duplicate Outreach

Track which investors and investment firms you've already saved to ensure you're not contacting them twice.

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Powerful Investor Search Filters

Apply powerful filters to find the investors that are the best fit for you raise, stage, industry, and location.

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Pull Rich Data for Every Investor

LeadLoft generates a rich customer profiles every time an investor is saved.

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LeadLoft will implement a proven investor outreach process to engage investors and book meetings on your calendar.

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