Why LeadLoft?

Here's why companies love us!

1) Simplify your workflow.

If you've ever managed a software stack you'll understand how complicated integrating a few different applications can be. LeadLoft simplifies this by offering an all-in-one solution that takes what would traditionally be 4 applications and turns it into one seamless solution.

Without LeadLoft:

With LeadLoft:

2) Save your money.


Starter Plan

Prospector & Email Finder
Email Verification
Outreach Automation
CRM Software
No Integrations Needed
No Management Needed
Hands-On Support
Pre-Built Workflow

$100 /mo

Bundling other apps together to achieve the same set of features.

Zoom Info
Email Finder
$75 /mo
Outreach.io Logo
Outreach Automation
$100 /mo
CRM Software
$150 /mo
Zapier Icon
$129 /mo
Employee with his hands on his head. Appearing stressed out.
$6,000 /mo

$6,454 /mo

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3) Scale revenue faster.

Selecting the wrong software stack can sometimes make scaling revenue unachievable. LeadLoft was built to not only accelerate your sales team but also to drive pipeline with its prospecting solutions.

Instead of data entry work and clicking around clunky applications, your team can can focus on executing outreach more efficiently. This results in your team going to market faster and becoming profitable sooner..

4) Stay lean & efficient.

Connecting and managing complicated integrations requires a talented employee who has this unique hands-on experience. Unfortunately, CRM management and optimization is not taught in school. CRM expertise comes from years of sales and marketing obsession… and not many are willing to sign up for that.

To hire a qualified employee, you're looking at a starting salary of at least $80,000 according to Glassdoor.

With LeadLoft, this hidden cost is gone. If you ever need help with setup, our team will hop on a call and ensure you're taken care of, no questions asked and no additional onboarding fee.

5) You skip years of trial and error.

It takes years for most companies to crack the code to a successful CRM set up.

We think you should launch with a successful CRM set up out of the box so we do it for you. Our team will work with you to set up the below:

  • Customer Journey
  • Your daily sales workflow.
  • Tips & tricks for the best results.

With all of this out of the way, your team can focus on what's important, driving revenue.

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