Why LeadLoft?

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Simplify your entire stack with one tool to replace the rest.

"Acquiring customers is hard enough as it is and clunky software and confusing integrations just makes it even harder. One application should be all that's needed. This keeps things simple and saves you time and money."
ZackĀ Olivas
Founder @ LeadLoft

We Sell a Fast Track to Results.

The Old Way
With LeadLoft

It takes months and sometimes years for teams to crack the code to a successful outreach process. Most teams spend months fiddling with a variety of different tools trying to make them work and by the time they get it right, it's just too late.

Revenue and funding is what gives a company life and more importantly, it makes working infinitely more fun. So why not launch with a processĀ that is known to work? Well, we make sure you do.

To do this, we actually share our own internal workflow for you to copy. Of course, you can customize it and make it your own but you'll launch aimed in the right direction.

Go Live Today, Not in 3 Months.

The Old Way
With LeadLoft

The biggest names in CRM (Salesforce & HubSpot) are BIG, like really big. They've built software for other enterprises (1k+ employees) and as a result, they have too many features. Features you and I will NEVER need.

Having a lot of features is great but it means you're dealing with a super complex application and as a result, onboarding is going to take your team time, a lot of time. The average onboarding time for Salesforce is 3 months and a few weeks for HubSpot. But these are complex applications so your team is going to need some training and this just adds more time to an already time consuming process.

If you're still not convinced, I'd recommend giving them all a try so you can compare. We hear it all the time from our family here at LeadLoft so we know that after trying all 3, LeadLoft will be the obvious choice.

Save $3,000 Per User Every Year.

The Old Way
With LeadLoft
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The average outbound process uses five tools. This means five individual subscriptions that you'll be forced to subscribe to. As you scale, these subscriptions add up fast. Each team member added to your team means five new subscriptions added to your overhead.

LeadLoft is designed to replace all five of these tools, saving you thousands every month and even more as you scale.

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