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Email Finder: Find Anyone's Email

Find email addresses for any business professional. LeadLoft uses advanced email parsing algorithms to guess and predict emails with extreme accuracy.


Find & Verify Anyone's Emails with Extreme Accuracy

Every email searched & saved within LeadLoft is double verified for free. LeadLoft's double verification methods ensure all emails land in the inbox 98% of the time.

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Common Questions about Email Finder

What's the accuracy of emails found?

Emails found using LeadLoft's email finder can be verified or unverified. Verified emails are correct 98% of the time while unverified emails are correct 85% of the time.

Can I prospect LinkedIn to find emails?

Yes! With LeadLoft's LinkedIn Prospector you can save emails from any profile on LinkedIn and instantly turn it into a lead. Learn more here.

Can I upload a list of contacts to find emails for?

Yes! With List Enrichment, LeadLoft allows users to upload CSV files and will find contact information for each applicable row. Learn more about bulk uploads & List Enrichment here.

How do I get started?

Get started by signing up for LeadLoft here.
More Tools

Additional Ways to Find Emails

LeadLoft offers a variety of tools to help you find the emails of your most valuable contacts.

LinkedIn Prospector

Find anyone's email on LinkedIn with the click of a button. LeadLoft will find and verify prospect emails instantaneously.

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Investor List

Investor Database

Prospect investors and save their contact information instantly. LeadLoft's investor database totals more than 100K+ individual investors.

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List Enrichment

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy.

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