List Enrichment

Enrich Lists of Data & Find Contact Info

Bulk enrich massive lists of data to find and verify contact information instantaneously.

Step 1: Upload CSV File

Simply upload a CSV and LeadLoft will match fields and generate contact information.

Step 2: LeadLoft Parses Data

In seconds, LeadLoft will analyze the uploaded data.

Step 3: Contact Emails are Found

Any missing data will be verified and filled by LeadLoft's data matching algorithm.

for Enterprise

Built to Handle The Most Demanding File Uploads

Upload a list of tens of thousands of row and LeadLoft will optimize its servers and begin enriching the data one row at a time.

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Integrate & Keep Data Up to Date

Automatically update contacts with newly discovered contact information with powerful Zapier Integrations.

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Double Verified Emails

Every email found is double verified through server & syntax verification for extreme accuracy.

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