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From click to close, LeadLoft makes finding and closing deals easier than ever.

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Discover, meet, and close the perfect investors for your startup. This is fundraising on easy mode.

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Put lead generation on autopilot with a single click that saves, formats, and engage leads.

Engage on Email, Linked, Phone, Text, and more

Purpose-Built for Results.

Saving Contact Info from LinkedIn

Access Anyone with Unlimited Prospecting

With the click of a button, LeadLoft turns ordinary profiles into rich leads full of contact information and tons more…and do it without limits.

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Outreach automation steps: LinkedIn, Call, Email

Book Meetings with Email & LinkedIn Outreach

Engage leads with automated Playbooks to save time and start conversations.

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Mouse dragging a deal in a CRM pipeline.

And Win More With A Powerfully Simple CRM

From response to close, LeadLoft will tell you who to follow up with and when.

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LeadLoft Inbox with LinkedIn and Emails messages.

Manage All Communication From One Tab

Whether it's LinkedIn or email, manage all of your conversations from a single dashboard.

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"In the last 2 months, we've already generated more than 100 meetings with interested prospects. The results have been great, we currently see response rates of 28%."

Reviewer Profile Photo
Augusto Guevara
Sales Director, Fundopolis

"I've been using LeadLoft for two months and have been meeting with 3-5 high quality investors each week. With all of this activity, it's only a matter of time before we are fully funded. As a cost conscious entrepreneur, I would say that the "juice is definitely worth the squeeze."

Christopher Kramer
Christopher Kramer
Chief Executive Officer

"LeadLoft gives our team the ability to deliver extremely valuable leads in minutes and we’ve also automated a lot of our previous process with their team's help."

Chase Dimond
Chase Dimond

"Any team looking for the right partner to multiply their efforts should talk to LeadLoft. Strongly recommend."

Founder Profile Photo
Sami Asikainen
CEO & Founder

"If you haven't already checked out LeadLoft, you should get on it. We went from 3 applications to just LeadLoft. The data is just as good as ZoomInfo and having everything in the same place is a game changer."

Brian Gannon
Brian Gannon
CEO & Founder

"We were really impressed with the response rate from investors engaged by LeadLoft. The tools LeadLoft offers made it quick and easy to get started and the team was always available to answer any questions. I strongly recommend LeadLoft to anyone looking for an efficient way to raise capital."

Eric Burney Profile Photo
Eric J. Burney
Chief Executive Officer

"We were using HubSpot as a CRM and a couple other tools for outreach but switching has made everything so much easier to manage. The learning curve was non existent for our team too, we set it up in one day and it just works."

Brad Woolf Profile Photo
Brad Woolf
CEO & Founder

"I have found LeadLoft to be very efficient and streamlined… LeadLoft is great, I recommend both LeadLoft and their team."

Michael Gorton
Michael Gorton
Chief Executive Officer

"…we connected with a variety of highly relevant angel investors and VC firms. We will definitely be working with LeadLoft when we get to our next round of fundraising. Can't recommend them enough!"

Chris Hissom Profile Photo
Chris Hissom
Chief Executive Officer

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