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Discover and Convert Leads, Investors, and Future Employees

Generate thousands of qualified prospects a week and start scaling more rapidly.


Find, Verify, Contact, and Close.

LeadLoft provides your team with the software suite, sales funnel, and team training needed to find valuable prospects and convert them into customers at scale.

"In the last 2 months, we've already generated more than 100 meetings with interested prospects. The results have been great, we currently see response rates of 24%..."
Augusto Guevara, Director of Sales
Transform Your Team into Closers

Put Outreach on Autopilot

Automate the complex tasks of setting up, testing, and monitoring the lead prospecting journey; start connecting with verified leads today and close more deals tomorrow. Liberate your sales teams to become—Hunters, not Gatherers—securing a surge of new qualified prospects and maintaining a consistent pipeline of new customers.

"LeadLoft generates around 5 new leads per team member everyday."
Chase Dimond, Founder & CEO
Outsourced Head of Growth

Transform Your Team into Closers

Each LeadLoft client is supervised by our seasoned Head of Growth to ensure results. Every LeadLoft client receives: hands-on training, personalized onboarding, CRM setup, and outreach funnel development.

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How LeadLoft Can Help

LeadLoft enables teams to improve workflows and maximize results by laying the groundwork for successful scalable outreach, sales, and marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

Instantly generate thousands of pre-qualified leads for increased revenue and maximized sales team efficiency.

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Investor Acquisition

Start conversations with top tier VC firms, family offices, and angel investors.

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Account Based Marketing - ABM

Refine account based marketing campaigns by targeting and warming active leads in your pipeline.

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Take recruiting in-house: discover, engage, and connect with top talent and prospects.

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Simple & Powerful

Features Designed to Scale Teams

Outfit your team with a powerful suite of software tools to enable them to hit quotas and scale growth.


Generate more revenue and increase margins simultaneously by spending money where it matters most, with high value leads and prospects that match your ideal customer demographic.


Integrate with your CRM for automated outreach and take advantage of LeadLoft's proven methods, we share them with you, for engaging and connecting with prospects. Prospects interest rates reach as high as 35%.


Extensive company profiles provide for powerful insight into lead quality and enables teams to maximize revenue by prioritizing outreach by potential value and deal size.


Integrate with 1,500+ applications and connect LeadLoft with your current software suite and automate workflows, keep data up to date, and improve efficiencies across teams.


LeadLoft will deduplicate contacts to ensure no overlap across teams. This means no more long nights and wasted hours organizing contacts.

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"When you sign up for LeadLoft, you're not just subscribing to software, you're skipping the learning curve most companies spend years attempting to overcome."
Zack Olivas
founder of LeadLoft