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Acquire Startup Investors

Get in touch with investors most likely to back your raise and accelerate your fundraising timeline.

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Drive Sales Revenue

Scale revenue with proven sales processes and enable your sales team to get in touch with high-value leads in seconds.

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With the click of a button, LeadLoft turns ordinary profiles into rich leads full of contact information and tons more.

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Engage leads with automated Playbooks to save time and start conversations at scale.

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A CRM shouldn't create more work. Simplify your team's life with a CRM you can learn in hours and set up in minutes.

Optimize and scale faster.

Double down on what works to instantly improve results and accelerate growth.

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100+ Happy Customers Around the World

It was really easy to set up and I've been using it without an issue for a couple of months now. The best part about this is that my sales guy loves it!
Anonymous Profile
Operations Manager
Gartner Review
In the last 2 months, we've already generated more than 100 meetings with interested prospects. The results have been great, we currently see response rates of 24% for investor outreach and 20% for customer outreach.
Augusto Guevara
Augusto Guevara
Sales Director, Fundopolis
Within a couple of weeks we had arrived at a copy and format that was getting the interest of investors that I didn't think would respond to us.
Brian Gannon
Brian Gannon
CEO & Founder, Loop
I have found LeadLoft to be very efficient and streamlined. The process sends emails out every week and does so in a way that allows me to keep up with the flow. I typically take time to review emails and respond accordingly. The team has also been available every time I needed help.
Michael Gorton
Michael Gorton
CEO, Back to Space
The open rate I achieve with LeadLoft was the highest I have observed in 20 years.
Tom Glaser Head Shot
Tom Glaser
Founder & CEO, OneCare

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