LinkedIn Limits in 2024 (Complete Breakdown) 

LinkedIn Limits in 2024 (Complete Breakdown) 

When it comes to running outreach, there’s always limitations and LinkedIn is no exception. 

If you’re running outreach on LinkedIn or even automating LinkedIn, it’s important that you set limits and ensure you are not going over the limits imposed by LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn has changed these limits multiple times over the years so we’re going to break down all of the limits LinkedIn now imposes in 2024.

Now, let’s get into it!

How many connection requests can you send on LinkedIn per day?

You can send a maximum of 100 connection requests per week on LinkedIn. If you’re not using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it’s best to stay under 80 connection requests per week.

What happens if you send too many connection requests on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn connection request limit reached

If you send too many connection requests on LinkedIn (100 connections per week), LinkedIn will temporarily block you from sending connection requests. LinkedIn will also display a popup notifying you that you’ve reached your connection request limit for that week.

This is not a block but just a limit. However, if LinkedIn suspects that you are using automation tools, they may temporarily limit or restrict your account. 

How many messages can you send on LinkedIn per day?

There is no set limit to the number of messages you can send per day on LinkedIn. If you want to keep your account safe, we recommend limiting outreach to 100 messages per week for free accounts and 150 per week for paid accounts. 

If you’d like to send more messages per week, we recommend personalizing each of your messages to bypass any spam detection tools LinkedIn has in place. This will send different messages each time and will also ensure you have a high engagement rate. 

Will LinkedIn block you if you send too many messages?

LinkedIn Account Restricted Messages

If you send too many messages on LinkedIn, LinkedIn may temporarily restrict your account. LinkedIn has spam detection tools in place and if you are sending messages in a way that triggers these spam detection tools, your chances of being restricted will increase. 

To make sure you don’t get blocked, follow our tips on how to avoid getting blocked on LinkedIn here.

How many profiles can you view on LinkedIn per day?

LinkedIn has different profile view limits depending on your subscription. If you are a free user, you are limited to 500 profile views per day.  If you are using Recruiter or Sales Navigator, you can view 2,000 profiles per day. 

Will LinkedIn block you if you view too many profiles?

Yes, if you view too many profiles, LinkedIn will flag and place restrictions on your account . In order to avoid getting blocked or restricted on LinkedIn, we recommend staying under 1/2 the profile view limit of your plan. So 250 views per day for free plans and 1,000 views per day for paid plans. 

Viewing too many profiles is indicative of web scraping so this is why LinkedIn may actually restrict your account instead of showing a friendly popup, like they do when you hit your connection request limit. 

How long does it take to get unblocked by LinkedIn?

If your account is blocked by LinkedIn for the first time, it will take anywhere from a few days to one week to get unblocked. 

If it’s your second time getting blocked by LinkedIn, you will have to write a message to LinkedIn contesting the ban and your account will usually be reinstated as soon as they review your message. This generally takes a few days. 

How many LinkedIn connections can I have?

LinkedIn limits your account to 30,000 connections. 

This is a finite number and it looks like LinkedIn will not be expanding this limit anytime soon. To ensure you don’t waste valuable connections on random prospects, it’s best to update your LinkedIn profile buttons to “Follow” instead of “Connect” as soon as you exceed 15,000 connections. 

What  happens if I exceed my LinkedIn Network Limit?

As soon as you reach 30,000 LikedIn connection limit, you will not be able to accept or send new connection requests. Your profile will also be updated to default to creator mode, which displays the “Follow” button in place of the “Connect” button. 

If you’d like to add new connections, you’ll first have to remove connections before making new ones. 

LinkedIn Limit Recap

And to make things super easy for you, here’s a quick recap of every limit imposed by LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn Connection Limits

  • Free: 80 Connection Per Week
  • Paid: 100 Connection Per Week

LinkedIn Message Limits

  • Free: 100 Messages Per Week
  • Paid: 150 Messages Per Week

LinkedIn Profile View Limits

  • Free: 500 Profile Views Per Day
  • Paid: 2,000 Profile Views Per Day

LinkedIn Network Limits

  • Free: 30,000 Connections
  • Paid: 30,000 Connections

Why LinkedIn Limits are a Huge Opportunity

It’s easy to look at all of the LinkedIn limits and get annoyed but I look at these limits and get excited. 

If you are running outreach the right way, these limits never applied to you in the first place. All they have done is made it easier to stand out because spammers are no longer clogging up your prospect’s LinkedIn inbox. 

So instead of focusing on limitations, shift your focus to engaging with the right audience using relevant messaging. If you do this, you’ll find that all of these LinkedIn limitations are actually helping you out.

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