Y Combinator Pitch Deck Template (+ Free Design)

Get the Y Combinator pitch deck template with a free open-sourced design. Y Combinator is the world's leading accelerator and their pitch deck template is great place to start when building a deck so we've gone ahead and redesigned it so you can get a great template & an even better design all for free.

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Y Combinator Pitch Deck Template (+ Free Design)

Build Your Pitch Deck with a World Class Design & Template

We've redesigned Y Combinator's pitch deck template so founders and startups alike can build great looking pitch decks quicker and get back to business.

What's included:
Y Combinator's Seed Pitch Deck
Amazing Template Redesign - All FREE!
10 Slides Every Pitch Deck Needs
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FREE Open-Sourced Design

We spent the time to redesign Y Combinator's Seed Pitch deck and are giving it all away for free. All of Y Combinators design best practices have been implemented as well so you can be sure the design follows the recommendations laid out by the YC team.

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