Setup for Sales

This tutorial covers how to set up LeadLoft for sales.

This is a one time setup. After you’ve gone through this process, you will be ready to begin selling! 

Here's what we'll be covering:

  1. Segments
  2. Deal Stages (Pipeline)
  3. Outreach Settings
  4. Playbooks
  5. Quick Views

Let’s dive in! 

1) Segments

If you’re also using LeadLoft for outbound sales, you’ll want to set up the correct tags before getting started. Tags are used when saving contacts or when segmenting leads. 

Below are some basic tags to help you get started but you’ll likely want to create more as you build out more personalized campaigns (e.g. local companies, companies based in Hollywood, healthcare companies, etc.).

Recommended Segments to Start

You can edit them here.

  1. Website
  2. Outbound
  3. Lead Capture Form
  4. Outbound - CEO - 11-50 - Law (*EXAMPLE)

We cover more advanced ways to use tag in the Tips & Best Practices section at the end.

2) Deal Stages (Pipeline)

You can edit them here.

For this setup, we recommend the below Deal Stages.

  1. New (Active)
  2. Responded (Active)
  3. Interested (Active)
  4. Proposal Pending (Active)
  5. Customer (Won)
  6. Keep Updated (Active)
  7. No Response (Lost)
  8. Not Interested (Lost)
  9. Bad Fit (Lost)

This is a very simple deal structure. We find it easier to start with fewer stages and add additional deal stages if you find your team needs them. If you start with a long Pipeline, you’ll find that your team will get confused and eventually stop tracking deals. 

So keep it simple and build from there.

3) Outreach Settings

You really can't go wrong with LeadLoft default outreach settings. Just in case you'd like to customize them, here is what we recommend.

  • Timezone: Select Your Timezone
  • Email Limit: 80-120
  • LinkedIn Connect Limit: 15-20
  • LinkedIn Message Limit: 15-30

Here are the low and high ends of what we recommend for each outreach limit.

4) Playbooks

Next, we’ll be covering how to automate outreach. In this set up, we recommend having 3 Playbooks built out to start. If you need help writing the copy for them, we recommend downloading our templates here

You can create and edit your Playbooks here.

Playbook #1: Website Follow Up

Use: Used to engage website form submissions and other lead form submissions from digital ads and popups. 

  1. Automated Email: Book a Meeting
  2. After 2 days - Automated Email: Book a Meeting
  3. After 3 days - Automated Email: Book a Meeting
  4. After 7 days - Automated Email: Book a Meeting - Close the Conversation

Playbook #2: Meeting/Demo Follow Up

Use: Used to add companies who need to be followed up with.

  1. Automated Email: Meeting Follow Up
  2. After 7 days - Automated Email: Check In
  3. After 14 days - Automated Email: Check In - Share a New Feature or Case Study
  4. After 30 days - Automated Email: Check In
  5. After 30 days - Automated Email: Check In - Close the Conversation

Playbook #3: Outbound Outreach

Use: Used to drive new leads.

  1. Automated Email
  2. After 7 days - Automated Email LinkedIn Connect
  3. After 7 days - LinkedIn Connect (Wait 90 Days)
  4. After 7 days - LinkedIn Message
  5. After 14 Days - LinkedIn Message
  6. After 21 Days - LinkedIn Message: Short Check In

5) Quick Views

Go to your pipeline and use the quick views below it to manage your workflow.

Many of these Quick View will already be setup but here's what we recommend:


  • Status: New
  • Stage: New
  • Owner: Me

My Deals

  • Owner: Me

Follow Up

  • Status: Follow Up, Task Due
  • Owner: Me

Keep Updated

  • Status: Follow Up
  • Stage: Keep Updated
  • Owner: Me

Today's Conversations

  • Owner: Me
  • Last Communication: Today

Wrapping Up

This is a standard outline of a powerful sales process that your team can duplicate, follow, and eventually build off of. 

In almost every case, you’ll find that you may want to alter the process to make it your own and we actually recommend this. This could be adding deal stages, creating new playbooks, and more. 

If you’d like our help setting this process up, simply sign up for LeadLoft here, and our team will be in touch within 24 hours to help you out.

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