AI ReplyRouter

Learn how to update Deal Stages depending on the sentiment of the responses you receive.

How to Use LeadLoft's AI ReplyRouter

We're thrilled to introduce our new feature, LeadLoft’s AI Reply Writer, as part of the LeadLoft suite.

AI ReplyRouter uses AI sentiment analysis to automatically update your lead stage based on the sentiment expressed in their replies.

What is AI ReplyRouter and Why is it Game Changing? 

The AI ReplyRouter, available in your playbook settings, analyzes the replies received from potential leads and categorizes them on the basis of sentiment.

Go to your Playbook’s settings menu to see the various response categories:
• Positive Response
• Negative Response
• No Response

Improved Bounce & Auto-Response Detection

This new feature also ensures improved accuracy in playbook statistics by filtering out automated responses such as 'out of office', 'on vacation', or bounced emails.

This results not only in a more organized interface but also streamlines your sales process by separating active leads from inactive or unresponsive ones.

How Does AI ReplyRouter Work?

For a hands-on illustration, let's walk through the process using a playbook. This example will showcase how the AI ReplyRouter efficiently identifies and categorizes an interested lead based on their response to our cold email.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enroll a lead into a playbook. For the purpose of this demo, let's choose the playbook titles: AI reply router demo.
  2. Now, we wait for a response. In our example, we've received a positive response from the recipient, stating: "Would love to hop on a demo. I saw your short video. Would love a more in-depth intro. Can you send over a few times?"
  3. Once the interested response is captured by our AI tool, it is analyzed and classified appropriately. In this instance, the lead stage is updated to Interested.

Why Use the AI ReplyRouter?

"…segments your leads into who is interested and who is not, without lifting a finger."

Traditionally, there are two categories of leads in any sales process:

  • Cold Leads
  • Interested Leads 

It is important that when a cold lead expresses interest, they are marked interested.

This not only ensures their prioritization for follow-ups but simultaneously weeds out unproductive leads, effectively improving your pipeline. By automating the process, AI ReplyRouter eliminates the chances of any promising leads falling through the cracks due to human error.

Essentially, this updates your lead stages without you ever having to lift a finger.

Wrapping Up

We're really excited about this new feature and its potential to revolutionize lead management. Remember, effective sales process management is all about working smart not hard, and our AI ReplyRouter is designed to do just that.

If you want to learn more about this feature and how it can revamp your business's sales process, feel free to reach out to our team. We're always glad to walk you through this unique feature and help you bring sales super-efficiency to your fingertips.

The AI ReplyRouter is live now! Go sign up and check it out.

Happy selling!

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