Best Cold Email Lead Sources (High Converting Lists)

Best Cold Email Lead Sources (High Converting Lists)

You've probably experienced the frustration of cold emailing only to receive no response. But what if I told you there are leads that are almost guaranteed to reply to? Well in this article, I'm going to share some high-value prospects you should be reaching out to instead of cold leads. This approach will help you maximize your response rates, open rates, and ultimately, the number of deals you close. Let's dive in!

Leads That Ghosted You

First on our list: leads that ghosted you. Yep, those prospects who seemed interested but then vanished into thin air. It happens to all of us. Here's the thing, though—these leads are actually golden opportunities for cold outreach. Why? Because they showed interest once before. If I had to choose between reaching out to a lead that ghosted me a year ago or a brand-new cold lead, I'd pick the ghosted lead every single time.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Acknowledge the Previous Interaction: Start by reminding them of your last conversation. This shows that you remember them and value their time.
  2. Offer New Value: Highlight any new developments or features that might interest them.
  3. Personalize Your Message: Use their name and mention specific details from your previous interaction.
  4. Be Direct and Respectful: Politely ask if now is a better time to discuss how you can help.

Leads Not Ready to Move Forward

Next up are leads who weren't ready to move forward when you first contacted them. Maybe they said, "Not right now, but follow up in a few months." These leads can be a treasure trove for future outreach. Mark them for follow-up in 90 days, six months, or even a year. When you do reach out again, remind them of your previous conversation and check if their circumstances have changed.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Set Reminders: Use your CRM to set reminders for follow-ups at the agreed time.
  2. Provide Updates: Share updates about your product or service since your last conversation.
  3. Show Patience and Understanding: Respect their timeline and demonstrate your willingness to work with their schedule.
  4. Personal Touch: Mention specific points from your last conversation to show you were listening.

Leads from Lead Magnets

If you're running lead magnets—like pop-ups for discounts, white papers, or free trials—you've got a fantastic list of prospects at your fingertips. These leads have already shown interest by engaging with your content. Now, it's time to nurture that interest through cold outreach.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Reference the Lead Magnet: Mention the specific lead magnet they interacted with to jog their memory.
  2. Offer Further Value: Provide additional resources or a free consultation related to the lead magnet.
  3. Personalize Your Approach: Tailor your message based on the content they downloaded.
  4. Follow-Up Sequence: Use a series of emails to gradually build interest and engagement.

Different Contacts from the Same Accounts

Another often-overlooked strategy is reaching out to different contacts within the same accounts you're already engaging. It's common for sales reps to target one person at a company and then move on if they don't get a response. But don't give up so easily! If one contact doesn't respond, try another person in a different department or at a different level.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Research the Contact: Find out as much as you can about the new contact's role and responsibilities.
  2. Mention the Previous Contact: Refer to your attempts to reach out to their colleague to add context.
  3. Highlight Mutual Goals: Emphasize how your solution can benefit their team or department specifically.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn: Connect with them on LinkedIn to build rapport and establish a connection before emailing.

Past Coworkers

Now, let's talk about an often-untapped resource: past coworkers. This might be a small list, but it's incredibly effective. People you've worked with before are more likely to respond to your outreach because they know and trust you. You can search for past coworkers on LinkedIn and reach out to them with a friendly, personalized message.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Keep it Friendly: Start with a casual, friendly tone to rekindle the relationship.
  2. Remind Them of Shared Experiences: Mention specific projects or experiences you worked on together.
  3. Offer to Help: Position your outreach as a way to help them with something specific.
  4. Stay Professional: While being friendly, maintain a professional approach to keep the conversation on track.

Old Website Sign-Ups

Another goldmine for cold outreach is old website sign-ups. These are people who signed up on your website at some point but never converted into customers. They showed interest once, so they might still be interested. Many sales teams overlook these leads, but they're worth revisiting.

How to maximize results with this audience:

  1. Acknowledge Their Interest: Start by thanking them for their previous interest in your website.
  2. Highlight New Features: Mention any new features or updates since they signed up.
  3. Offer a Special Incentive: Provide a special offer or discount to entice them to take action now.
  4. Be Direct: Ask if their needs have changed and how you can assist them now.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it—some amazing audiences to run outreach to that are almost guaranteed to yield better results than newly prospected cold leads. Remember, the key to successful cold emailing is personalization and persistence. By focusing on leads that have already shown some level of interest or connection, you're increasing your chances of engagement and ultimately closing more deals.

If you're curious about how to set up a process like this or need more tips on improving your outreach strategy, feel free to reach out to our team. We're more than happy to help you out and share what processes and tactics have worked for us here at LeadLoft.

For more insights on cold email best practices and how to avoid common pitfalls, check out our other resources. And if you're looking to scale your B2B startup, we've got you covered there too!

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