Weird Sales Tricks That Just Work

In the cutthroat world of sales, it's easy to rely on the same tried-and-true methods. But sometimes, the best way to stand out from the competition is to go a little…weird. 

Here, we'll explore some unorthodox sales techniques that may just be the secret weapon you need to close more deals.

1. The Illusion of Previous Connection: Cold Emails with a Twist

We all know cold emails rarely get responses. But imagine sending a cold email that begins like this: "Just following up on our conversation last week…"

This technique plays on the psychology of familiarity. Even though the recipient knows they haven't spoken to you, the seed of connection is planted, increasing the chances they'll open and respond. To pull this off successfully, keep the email casual and focused on providing value – avoid being pushy.

2. The "Oops, I Forgot" Follow-up Strategy

Following up is crucial, but let's be honest, sometimes those emails just end up in the abyss. Instead, try this: after sending an initial email, follow up with something like, "Oops, I forgot to attach the calendar link for scheduling!"

This gives you a natural reason to reach out again, increases open rates, and keeps you top of mind with the prospect. The key is to actually have something worthwhile to 'include' this time.

3. Casual Communication: The Power of Text Acronyms

In a world of overly formal emails, sometimes a sprinkling of "lol" or "lmk" can make you seem more approachable. This doesn't mean your emails should look like a teenager's text messages, but judicious use of informal language can lower barriers and make you more relatable.

4. The Coffee Incentive: Sweetening the Demo Deal

Let's sweeten the deal for prospects. If someone books a demo, offer to buy them a coffee!  You can email them a virtual e-gift card allowing flexibility. This small gesture shows appreciation and humanizes the process.

5. The Pizza Message: Edible Advertising

Want to make an impression? Send a pizza to your prospect's office with your brand spelled out in pepperoni. This is high-impact and memorable. 

Just be sure to follow up with a relevant cold call or cold email to make sure you lock in the deal. 

6. Leveraging Unusual Holidays and Observances

Skip the standard  "Happy Holidays" messages.  Celebrate National Donut Day or Talk Like a Pirate Day with a themed email or gift.  It shows you have a sense of humor and sets you apart from the competition.


These weird sales tricks prove that success doesn't always lie in the 'playbook'. Adopt a creative mindset, experiment, and remember these essential principles:

  • Ethical Considerations: Always treat prospects with respect, even when employing unusual strategies.
  • Respect Boundaries: Don't come across as creepy or intrusive. Personalization is great, but don't overstep.

Well go give these unusual sales tips a try! If you do, please let us know if you’ve had any success.

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