Introducing Deals: Tracking Deal Flow Just Got Easy

Whether it's for sales, fundraising, recruiting, or partnerships, our goal at LeadLoft has always been to make it easy to build a world-class sales process.

One of the largest complexities in sales is the long list of applications needed to run a semi-impressive sales process. So in order to make things simple, we've always known that we needed to offer an all-in-one solution that includes everything from data, to outreach, to deal tracking.

And today, we’re excited to finally close the loop and bring this vision full circle with the announcement of Deals! 

You can now use LeadLoft to…

  • Find leads to drive pipeline
  • Engage leads to drive interest
  • And track/close deals to drive revenue 

What are Deals?

Deals are designed to do exactly what it sounds like: track deals.

You can use them to attach value, close date, confidence, and contacts to a specific deal. This is useful when tracking your pipeline's value and health. They're also useful in instances where multiple deals exist under a single lead.

Deal Tracking Simplified

What’s even more exciting are the filters we’ve built into Deals. We’ve found that many teams, if not all, struggle to track and stay on top of their deal flow. This results in lost or forgotten deals and can negatively impact your bottom line. To solve this, we’ve added the “Action Needed” filter, which when clicked, shows you all of the deals that don’t have next steps planned. 

This makes identifying deals that need your attention extremely easy and with this feature, there’s literally no reason why your team should ever forget about a deal again.  

How do we recommend using Deals?

While developing Deals, we wanted to ensure that LeadLoft retained its simple and easy to use interface. 

We are aware that adding another component to tracking can complicate things. To keep things simple, we’ll be releasing tutorials that share the exact processes and practices you and your team should follow to run a world-class sales process. We'll be announcing these tutorials over email so keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks.

Wrapping up

The introduction of Deals should have a small impact on your workflow, but it’s well worth it for the additional insight Deals provide. 

We’re excited for this new feature and we’ll be releasing new tutorials throughout the month to help you better understand how you can utilize Deals to your advantage. 

Until then, if you have any questions, please reach out to our team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the LeadLoft dashboard so we can be sure to help get you set up.

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