How to Send Cold Emails at Scale (Automate Mass Outreach)

Sending cold emails is a great way to drive new clients but copying, pasting, and manually sending every cold email can take forever. 

To streamline your cold email process, we’ll be covering how you accelerate your cold email workflow by sending emails through cold email automation platforms. 

Let’s dive in!

How to Build a Large List of Prospects

Let’s start with the basics and dive into the details later on. To start, you’re going to need a large list of prospects to engage. If you already have a list of prospects, you can skip to the next section.

To build a target list of prospects, you can install the LeadLoft LinkedIn Prospector. It allows you to save anyone’s email address directly from LinkedIn. Even if the email is hidden on LinkedIn, the prospector will still be able to find their email address.

When it’s installed, you’ll see a bright blue “Save” button next to profiles and job history (see below).

When you click it, LeadLoft will pull vital information from the contact and their company, and add it to your dashboard (see below).  

Now just click “Save” on everyone you’d like to send a cold email to and this will build your list of prospects for your cold email campaign.

How to Send Cold Emails at Scale

LeadLoft is designed specifically with outbound sales in mind, meaning it’s great for cold email outreach.

To send emails in bulk, you can start by building your outreach Playbook. It will look something like the Playbook shared below. 

In this Playbook, you will write all of your email copy and set your settings for the cold email campaign. 

If you need help writing your cold emails, I recommend downloading our cold email templates.

When you’re ready to begin sending your cold emails, navigate over to the Leads you want to contact > Select All > Click “Playbooks” > Click “Enroll”:

How to Make Mass Cold Email Outreach Feel Personal

When sending cold email to hundreds or even thousands of prospects, it’s important to make sure that each email feels unique and personal to the prospect receiving it. 

You can achieve this by using Personalization tags in LeadLoft. These tags will insert information about the prospect, their company, and even you (the sender). 

An example is inserting the first name of the prospect with {{FirstName}}. Here’s a basic example:

Of course once you send the email, the personalization tags will be replaced with the correct fields. For example, the previous email would be replaced with this: 

How to Safely Scale Cold Email Volume

An extremely important aspect of cold email is the sending volume. Many of our customers are tempted to send thousands of emails per day but we always recommend against this.

When you’re sending cold email, it’s all about quality and not quantity. Yes, sending a large volume is fine but you may not like the results. 

If you are interested in maximizing the effectiveness of your cold email campaign, I recommend starting with an extremely low volume of cold emails while you A/B test your Playbooks. 

Once you’ve landed on email copy that consistently returns open rates of 60%+ and reply rates of 10%+, you can begin scaling the campaign. 

Until then, set your Playbook's daily enrollment limit to 10 or 15. You can find this under “Sending Settings” on the right side of your Playbook.

Now, you might be wondering “How many emails should I send per day?” We dove into this in detail in another article here. If you are serious about cold email, I strongly recommend looking into it because it’s one of the single most important factors of a cold email campaign's effectiveness.  

Wrapping Up

Using cold email automation tools can massively streamline cold email outreach but it’s still important to ensure you stick to the basics and optimize for performance. 

If you start slow, optimize, and scale from there, there’s a high probability that cold email will be a reliable channel for acquiring new customers. In the meantime, if you need help, feel free to reach out to our team or to sign up for LeadLoft here, we're always looking to help out where we can.

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