What is Sales Engagement?

What is Sales Engagement?

Sales engagement is the combination of all the sales outreach that takes place during a sales cycle. For a well run sales team, this includes emails, calls, text / SMS messages, and even direct messages on social platforms.

Why is Sales Engagement important?

Sales engagement is important because the difference between a well run and a poorly run sales engagement process can have a massive impact on the growth of your company. 

When sales engagement is run well, your team may experience 50% to 100% higher initial response rates from new leads and this impact can be felt all the way down the funnel. 

A great example would be to imagine two sales teams and compare how they engage a prospect after they submit a form on their website:

  • Sales Team A has a rep call them within 5 minutes. If there’s no answer, they call again 30 minutes later. If they again do not connect with the lead, they leave a message and send an email to let the prospect know that they called and to find a time to connect.

  • On the other hand Sales Team B sends the prospect one email to find a time to connect. If there is no reply, Sales Team B must manually keep track and follow up again in the future. 

After looking at these two sales engagement processes, it’s obvious that Sales Team A will connect with more leads than sales team B. And I’m sure if you were to A/B test these two processes, the impact would be massive. Not only would Sales Team A book more meetings, but their revenue would almost certainly increase. Better yet, once a process like this is set up, you can use these same tactics across your sales funnel, compounding the positive impact that it can have.

Unfortunately, a poor sales engagement process, like the one laid out for Sales Team B, is far more common. If this sounds like your team, I recommend that you check out a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) like LeadLoft to roll out an improved process ASAP. 

Wrapping up

The importance of a well run sales engagement process cannot be stressed enough and if you’re looking for a quick win that will increase sales revenue, this is an amazing place to start.

It can take time to learn how to set up a sales engagement process but if you’d like some help, check out an article on how to set up a sales engagement process or book a time with our team here to get insight to our own internal tactics.

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