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How to Pitch Your Startup: The Power of a Single Sentence

How to Pitch Your Startup: The Power of a Single Sentence

We've all heard of the elevator pitch, but is it the best way to introduce your startup? In this article, we'll explore why a single-sentence pitch is far more effective and how to craft one that packs a punch.

Let’s dive in!

What’s wrong with an elevator pitch?

Elevator pitches are a staple of startup life. 

They're your go-to response when someone at a party asks what you do or when you approach an investor to raise capital. 

But here's the problem: they're often too long and rambling. 

This lack of focus can lead to convoluted or overwhelming pitches.

What's the solution?

A simpler, more concise way to describe your startup – the single sentence pitch. 

Let's dive into what that is and how you can build one.

What is a Single Sentence Pitch?

A single sentence pitch is exactly what it sounds like – a description of your startup in one sentence. 

This is the sentence you'll find on the first page of a well-crafted pitch deck. But its value extends far beyond that. 

The beauty of the single-sentence pitch is that it's deceptively difficult to express complex ideas in a single sentence.  

This forces you to think critically about your product and the problem it solves. 

Surprisingly, you'll probably spend more time perfecting this than your elevator pitch.

Developing Your Single Sentence Pitch

Crafting a single-sentence pitch is hard, but that's precisely what makes it such a valuable exercise. Here's what great pitches have in common:

  • One Sentence: Obvious, but essential.
  • Short & Concise: No wasted words.
  • Universally Understandable: Avoid jargon.
  • Conveys Value: What's the benefit?
  • Describes How it Works: Hint at the solution.

How to Verify Your Pitch

Your pitch should make your startup instantly understandable. To test it, try it on someone with zero knowledge of your field, like a child or friend from a different field. 

After you run it by them, ask yourself:

  • Did they grasp the value your product offers?
  • Do they have a basic idea of how it works?
  • Was your sentence clear and brief?

Let’s Run Through Some Examples

Let's look at successful startups and see how their pitches can be distilled into a single sentence:


  • Elevator Pitch: Hotels are expensive and impersonal. Airbnb connects travelers with affordable, unique accommodations in local neighborhoods around the world.  Hosts earn extra money, guests experience cities like locals, and we take a small commission for making it happen.
  • Single Sentence Pitch: Airbnb is a marketplace for listing and booking unique accommodations around the world.


  • Elevator Pitch: Getting a reliable ride is a hassle, with unpredictable taxi fares and wait times. Uber connects riders with drivers at the tap of a button, offering a safe, convenient, and transparent way to get around.
  • Single Sentence Pitch: Summon a ride and pay for it with one click.


  • Elevator Pitch: Dropbox makes storing and sharing your work simple. It's your files all in one place, accessible from anywhere, on any device.
  • Single Sentence Pitch: Store and share your files anywhere, from any device.

Wrapping Up

Many founders get ahead of themselves without fully understanding the problem they solve or how to communicate it. 

Your single-sentence pitch is not just for investors – it helps you clarify your value proposition. 

This clarity will positively impact your website messaging, target audience, and more. If you're struggling, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to review your pitch!

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