10 Best LinkedIn Email Finders for Sales

LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B database and for a salesperson, it’s a dream when it comes to running market research. Unfortunately, LinkedIn isn’t all that useful on its own. The best you can do is to hope they accept your connection request so you can message them.

If you’re running sales outreach correctly, you’ll know that skipping over a potential lead can mean a mountain of lost revenue. In order to engage every lead on LinkedIn, regardless of whether or not they’re a connection, you need to pull emails. 

You can then use these emails to contact leads directly. This increases your chances of booking a call and ensures you don’t skip what could have been a future customer.

But enough of the introductory paragraph, let’s get into the best LinkedIn email finders. We’ll compare pricing, features, and overall user experience. We signed up for each tool, when possible, to ensure each review is genuine. 

1) LeadLoft

  • Cost: $100/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.17/lead
  • Users: 1

Now you might be questioning the legitimacy of LeadLoft of being at the top of this list, and you’d be right to, but the truth is that LeadLoft is the best in the market. Whether it’s price or the overall user experience, LeadLoft is miles ahead of our competitors and below I'll explain why.

LeadLoft offers one of the most efficient and versatile LinkedIn prospectors on the market. We’ve even tested LeadLoft against Hunter.io and found that LeadLoft not only has a higher email discovery rate, but a higher email verification rate too. Not to mention that every email saved with LeadLoft is automatically verified while other services will charge you extra to verify emails.

While the LikedIn Prospector is impressive, it’s really the other features offered by LeadLoft that earns it place at the top. Both outreach automation and a CRM come standard with LeadLoft. This means instead of having 3 subscriptions to three different tools you can subscribe to LeadLoft and forget about integrations. This means a simplified workflow, a lower overhead, and a faster onboarding timeline.

How to Save Emails from LinkedIn

LeadLoft’s LinkedIn Chrome extension is incredibly easy to use. The first step is to create a tag inside of LeadLoft, in this example, the tag is called “Blog Demo” (circled in purple). After the tag has been created, navigate to LinkedIn, make sure you have the correct tag selected, and search for the leads you want. In this case, I’m looking for VCs. When you locate the lead(s) you’d like to save, simply click on the blue “Save” button (circled in green). From there, your leads will be saved, tagged, and their email found and verified.

Free Email Verification for Every Email

One of the hardest parts about cold emailing is making sure your prospect’s emails are verified. There are entire companies solely dedicated to verifying emails. LeadLoft believes in removing all sales barriers, so every email discovered is run through LeadLoft’s multi-step email verification process at no additional cost. 

Using the contacts I collected in the previous example, let’s see how LeadLoft verifies emails for you. First, navigate to LeadLoft’s web app where you’ll see the list of leads saved. Circled in green is a verified email, which is noted with a green circle above the mail symbol. Circled in red is an unverified email, noted by the orange circle above the mail symbol. That’s it! LeadLoft ran all of the emails through email verification in the background and no additional steps were needed.

Engage Leads

Now comes the fun part! Once you have leads saved, you’re only a couple of clicks away from engaging with them. 

Simply build a Playbook within LeadLoft which will consist of a series of steps you can run leads through to engage them. You can take a look at a very basic example of a Playbook below that we built previously.

To enroll leads in this playbook, simply select the leads you wish to engage and click on the Add to Playbook button. Simply click on the Enroll button (highlighted by a yellow rectangle) and that’s it!

Yep, it’s really that easy. As soon as a lead is enrolled, LeadLoft will begin walking your team through the outreach process, automating emails, task creation, and more. If you’d like to learn more about LeadLoft’s Playbooks, we recommend checking them out here.

2) Lusha

Lusha Website

Lusha is a basic prospecting extension, and that’s about it. It promises to find emails and phone numbers with 81% accuracy. That being said, it costs far more than many of the tools on this list. Lusha also lacks any form of lead engagement or management. However, if your team has already adopted a sales engagement software, Lusha can be a great addition to your team’s software stack, especially if your target audience is large enterprise businesses.

  • Cost: $99/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.99/lead
  • Users: 1

3) ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo Website

Starting at over $20k/year, ZoomInfo is by far the most expensive prospector on this list. The reason it costs so much is that Zoominfo has been around for a while and they're well known for B2B direct dials AKA mobile numbers. For non-enterprise companies this is overkill, so if you’re just looking for a simple prospecting tool, ZoomInfo may not be for you. That being said, if you decide to splurge on ZoomInfo, you’ll be getting an incredibly powerful piece of software with some of the best data in the industry.

  • Cost: $20k+/year
  • Cost per lead: $0.50/lead
  • Users: N/A

4) LeadIQ

LeadIQ Website

LeadIQ was designed to eliminate the more annoying parts of prospecting and they succeeded. LeadIQs LinkedIn prospecting tool is extremely impressive. LeadIQ has a beautiful UI and the software does make prospecting easier. It does come with a few downsides however, LeadIQ is expensive relative to other tools on this list, lacks outreach automation, and lead management. If you don’t mind paying for the expensive cost per lead, then LeadIQ is a great option for your team. 

  • Cost: $60/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.24/lead
  • Users: 1

5) RocketReach

RocketReach Website

RocketReach is a slightly more versatile prospecting tool than some on this list because it can find contact information on LinkedIn, Google Search, Crunchbase, and AngelList. Because of this flexibility, it has a much higher cost per lead than competitors. Thankfully, unverified leads don’t count against the quota. RocketReach doesn’t offer lead engagement tools, but it does offer Zapier and Salesforce integrations. While it’s very capable in its own right, it’s hard to justify the cost when comparing it to alternatives on this list.

  • Cost: $75month
  • Cost per lead: $0.47/verified lead
  • Users: 1

6) LeadFuze

LeadFuze Website

LeadFuze is the third most expensive tool on this list, but that doesn’t make it a bad value. Unlike the majority of LinkedIn prospectors on this list, LeadFuze doesn’t have a Chrome extension, because it doesn’t need one. Instead, users provide what they are looking for, and LeadFuze tries to find leads that match the profile on its own. While testing LeadFuze, I found some of the data to be outdated and the service to be a little buggy. But, if you’re in a rush, LeadFuze can certainly help to accelerate your prospecting and list-building efforts.

  • Cost: $132.30/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.26/lead
  • Users: 1

7) Skrapp.io

Skrapp.io Website

Skrapp.io is a solid and trusted LinkedIn prospecting extension. Similar to LeadLoft, it adds extra functionality with a domain-based email search. It also has automatic email verification, which is great for avoiding bounced emails. Skrapp.io is very competitive if you compare it by the cost-per-lead and cost-per-user. That being said, Skrapp’s simplicity is holding it back because it lacks both outreach automation and CRM management. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a standalone LinkedIn prospector, Skrapp will be a reliable option. 

  • Cost: $49/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.049/lead
  • Users: 2

8) Interseller

Interseller Website

Out of all the prospectors on this list, Interseller is one of the more impressive applications. Unfortunately, Interstellar is not affordable for most teams. At $0.40 cents per lead, Interseller costs more than double most other applications on this list. However, if you're looking for a tried and true piece of software, Interseller can be a great option for streamlining your workflow. 

  • Cost: $100/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.40/lead
  • Users: 1

9) FindThatLead

FindThatLead Website

FindThatLead is a full-service outreach tool akin to Interseller. It has a LinkedIn prospecting tool, domain-based email search, and email sequencing. The biggest downside of FindThatLead is how it uses credits. One credit is required to find, verify, enrich, or contact a lead so essentially every action requires a credit. You get 5,000 credits per month with FindThatLead’s starter package, so make sure you use them wisely!

  • Cost: $49/month
  • Cost per lead: Varies
  • Users: 1

10) AeroLeads

AeroLeads Website

AeroLeads offers a decent LinkedIn prospector, but its strength is its low cost. One unique feature of AeroLeads is their custom requirements option. If you need to gather specific data from specific websites, AeroLeads offers custom plans upon request. These custom plans will certainly cost significantly more but it’s nice to have the option. Nevertheless, the lower price comes with hidden costs. AeroLeads doesn’t have a native outreach software or lead tracking like LeadLoft, so you’ll have to subscribe to a couple of other services and your workflow won’t be as streamlined.

  • Cost: $49/month
  • Cost per lead: $0.049/lead 
  • Users: 1

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is an ever-expanding ocean of useful information on potential customers. When leveraged correctly, it can be an incredibly powerful instrument to drive more leads to your business. LinkedIn is great on its own but with a prospecting software that allows you to discover the emails of potential customers, LinkedIn goes from a standard research tool to a world-class sales software. The tools on this list were designed to streamline the sales process. Some are better than others but any of them can be used to accelerate your team’s revenue.

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