Meet LeadLoft 2.0: Everything just got easier.

Meet LeadLoft 2.0: Everything just got easier.

Setting up a sales process can be incredibly complex. Whether it's for sales or fundraising, you often need different tools, making setup and learning take months of time and effort.

At LeadLoft, we believe in simplicity. 

We've seen how easy-to-use feature have made you all happier and over the years, we've listened to your feedback. 

While LeadLoft has always been easier than most CRMs, but we've even seem some teams struggle with LeadLoft.

That's why we embarked on a mission to completely revamp LeadLoft. 

Our goal? Unmatched simplicity with the same powerful features you all love. 

Ready to see how we're about to transform your workflow and tracking?

Let’s dive in!

What makes LeadLoft 2.0 so great?

  • Fewer clicks, faster results: Navigation is streamlined, so you get where you need to be quicker.
  • Master it in hours: Forget day-long training. LeadLoft 2.0 is intuitive and easy for anyone to grasp.
  • Pipeline clarity: Get a quick, accurate overview of your entire pipeline with a glance.

And I want to reiterate - we didn't just tweak things, we’ve completely rethought the entire CRM experience.

Let's take a look at what is different.

A New Way to Manage Your Pipeline: The Single Axis Pipeline

LeadLoft is shaking up traditional sales processes with our new single-axis pipeline. Outdated CRMs force you to juggle multiple concepts like qualifying deals and tracking data across leads, contacts, companies, and deals.

Here’s what traditional CRMs ask your team to manage:

We’re putting an end to this.

LeadLoft’s New Approach to Tracking

With LeadLoft 2.0, you focus on a single data point: the deal. 

Your goal is simple – move deals from "New" to "Won." That's it!  

Here’s your new streamlined CRM:

How Does LeadLoft Pull This Off?

Our algorithms automatically match, update, and connect all your company and contact information to the right deal. 

The Result?

Unmatched simplicity, flawless organization, and a fantastic user experience.

And that’s not all!

As we move forward, we're investing heavily into AI to keep your CRM data perfectly clean and up to date. So keep an eye out for some more exciting updates in the near future!

Follow Up Statuses

LeadLoft 2.0 introduces better follow-up management with updated statuses. Previously, we showed you inactive leads, but didn't provide clear guidance on when to follow up. 

Now, deals are automatically marked "Follow Up" if there's been no communication for a set period of time.

Even better, you can customize follow-up timing for each stage. You decide when a deal is marked "Follow Up" within each stage of your sales process. 

For example, mark "Not Ready Yet" deals as "Follow Up" after 90 days, and "Interested" deals as "Follow Up" after 7 days. 

This flexibility helps you tailor follow-ups to each step of your unique sales cycle.

Drag & Drop Pipeline

We’ve always believed that the gold standard in CRM usability is a drag and drop pipeline. It just makes it wildly easy to get an overview of your entire pipeline with a single glance. 

So we added it. 

Live now in LeadLoft 2.0 is our all new Drag & Drop Pipeline. 

And not only is this an incredibly useful feature, but when paired with follow-up reminders and our single axis tracking, you can see everybody you need to follow up with in a single click.

This is revolutionary for all sales, fundraising, and partnership workflows and we could not be more excited to get this feature live and in your hands.

Quick Views

The simplicity that LeadLoft 2.0 introduces has rendered “Your Workflow” far less usefu. So, we've gone ahead and replaced it with Quick Views. 

Now, instead of displaying a list of steps within your team's workflow, quick views offer a quick way to filter for views you find yourself using often.

A good example is a Quick View titled “Follow Up”, where it shows all deals where the status is “Follow Up” and the Owner is “Me”. 

One click and boom, there are all the deals you need to follow up with, right in front of you. 

Improved AI ReplyRouter

With all these changes, we had to make an improvement to our AI ReplyRouter. It's been live for some time, and this is giving us a lot of data to optimize it with. 

For all of you who are already actively using the AI ReplyRouter, you can expect it to be far more accurate, closing in on 99% accuracy, if not more.
Another notable change to the AI ReplyRouter is the removal of the neutral response. With the increased accuracy of the AI ReplyRouter, neutral responses are no longer useful. 

We now have so much confidence in our ability to route responses accurately that the neutral response is simply no longer needed. 

Wrapping Up

With the release of LeadLoft 2.0, we are beyond excited about the simplicity and process improvements that are going to be introduced into your team's workflow. All of the features laid out above are now live in your dashboard, so go check them out and give them a try. 

If you need some help getting set up or have any questions, please reach out to us using the chat bubble and we can book a time to run through all these amazing updates.


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