The LeadLoft Prospector: Getting Started

You're ready to get started on growing your business but before you do, we recommend spending 5 minutes to learn how to use LeadLoft as effectively as possible. We're going to be covering how you can use The LeadLoft Prospector to scale your company across a variety of the most important growth verticals.

If you haven't already, please go install the LeadLoft Prospector here.

Below, I've covered a few of the most effective use cases for LeadLoft and linked to few video resources to help speed up the learning curve.

What is the LeadLoft Prospector?

The LeadLoft Prospector is a prospecting tool that allows you to pull the contact information for anyone on LinkedIn through the enrichment of publicly available information using LeadLoft's own data enrichment algorithms.

1) Revenue: Sales & B2B Prospecting‍

Empower your sales team and allow them to engage whoever they want, whenever they want. Our team has found tons of success here, it’s likely you may have learned about us because we reached out in an email.


B2B Search Templates

Search Green Energy & Renewables

Search Wine & Spirits

Search Consumer Goods

Search Consumer Electronics

Search Apparel & Fashion

Search Software Companies

2) Funding: Find VCs & Angel Investors

‍LeadLoft can be used to engage active investors like VCs, angels, family offices, and more. Be sure to do your research before reaching out because every investor has company stages, industries, and locations they prefer to invest in.


Investor Search Templates

‍Search for Venture Capitalists

Search for Angel Investors

Search for Accredited Investors

‍Search for Real Estate Investors

‍Search for Family Office Investors

3) PR: Engage Writers, Editors, & Publications‍

Finding contact information for journalists can accelerate your team PR efforts. Instead of release one press release on the wire, you can personally engage thousands of journalists to pitch stories and even build personal relationships.


Press Search Templates

Search Journalists

Search Editors

NOTE: Be sure to add category key terms into the search bar to filter by interest (i.e. renewable, tech, local news, etc.).

Wrapping Up

All three of these methods are great but they’re only as effective as the email copy used alongside them. Be sure your value proposition and pitch are overwhelmingly interesting or useful to generate the best results.

Ready to get started? You can sign up for LeadLoft here.

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