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If you're searching for a cold email software, you've probably stumbled across SmartReach. It's a powerful cold email solution but with todays competitive environment, how does it stand up? In this review we'll be comparing SmartReach to LeadLoft and discussing which is right for you.

Our take

SmartReach is Old Software. It's Time to Upgrade.

SmartReach is a powerful cold email software but it's clearly dated. Whether it's the design or feature set, SmartReach has a feeling of early 2000's that you simply do not want in your software. Whenever we adopt a new application, we ensure it's built on modern technology with a modern design and these are two points that SmartReach clearly misses the mark on. If you want a modern cold email automation tool, LeadLoft is likely the tool you are looking for.

See how stacks up!

Compare's Features


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Prospecting Software
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Automated Email Outreach
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CRM Tracking
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Easy to Use
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Modern UI & UX
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LeadLoft is an all-in-one sales CRM software that finds, engages, and tracks leads. LeadLoft accelerates sales velocity, reduces overhead, and keeps all data under one unified dashboard. is an easy to use email automation software designed to let users schedule and send personalized emails and follow-ups automatically from their mailbox and boost their reply rates.

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January 2017

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