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Copper CRM

Copper CRM is a powerful CRM but this extensive feature set is overkill for 99% of businesses. Below we'll be outlining why LeadLoft is the #1 alternative to Copper

Our Take

Copper CRM is overly complex. Get a CRM that's easy to use with LeadLoft.

As powerful as Copper is, it's not the easiest CRM to use or begin using. The Copper feature set is very expansive so even setting up and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. For most companies, a CRM manager will need to be hired to esure the CRM is working properly. With LeadLoft, you'll never have to manage the CRM or worry about overly complicated interfaces again. If you need help setting up, you can simply use our team's outline that any customer can steal and make their own.

Copper CRM
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Copper CRM

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LeadLoft provides prospecting solutions for fundraising, sales, and lead generation.

Copper is a crm that works for you so you can spend time on relationships instead of data.

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