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Generate press like a world class publicist. Stop paying for expensive press releases and engage journalists directly though email to generate broad interest and coverage.


Skip Press Releases & Engage Journalists Directly Through Email

Stop paying for expensive press releases and start engaging with journalists who are genuinely interested in your business. Take a page out of the publicist's playbook and engage journalist directly through highly targeted 1:1 email outreach.

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Your New Publicity Multiplier

Getting featured from a press release is lucky. Take luck out of the equation and engage journalists directly with email.

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Search & Save Journalists

LeadLoft does away with unqualified leads. Your sales team selects and pre qualifies the leads they want to speak with.

Step 2

LeadLoft Finds Journalist Emails

Behind the scenes, LeadLoft parses contact data, finds emails, and verifies email to ensure high deliverability rates.

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Step 3

Connect to Your CRM & Engage

Integrate LeadLoft with your CRM or outreach platform to begin engaging and tracking leads.

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Press & PR Done Right

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Notify Publications of New Stories to Cover

Publications are always looking for hot news to cover. If you have something interesting to offer, they'll be happy to talk with you.

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Reach a Broad Audience

Press is one of the fastest ways to gain broad public exposure.

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Unlock the Press & PR World

Professional publicists use this same process to build their relationships and scale outreach.

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Press & Publicity Features

LeadLoft Prospector

Generate press emails instantly for rapid press and even faster outreach.

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Double Verified Prospect Emails

Every email goes through the latest verification methods to ensure 98% deliverability.

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Zapier Integration

Create powerful journalist outreach pipelines and automations via 1,500+ application integrations.

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Organized Outreach

Deduplicate prospects and ensure zero overlapped messaging across teams.

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Rich Profiles

Every journalist is enriched to provide deep insights into their background, company, social networks, and more.

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