Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template (+ Free Design)

Building a pitch deck but don't know where to start? Use Sequoia Capital's pitch deck template & LeadLoft's free design as a place to start.

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Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck Template (+ Free Design)

Download Sequoia Capital's pitch deck template with a fresh new design!

We struggled to find Sequoia Capital's pitch deck online so we went ahead and created a free resource so anyone can access it. Not only have we organized the pitch deck so it's easier to find and edit, but we've completely redesigned the original template and have open sourced the design!

What's included:
Fresh Pitch Deck Design - Open Sourced
Sequoia Capital's Pitch Deck Template
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Fresh Design

We've seen some terrible pitch decks so we wanted to make sure no startup ever struggles to design a great looking pitch deck again. Simply submit the form above and LeadLoft will send you the Sequoia Capital pitch deck with our fresh new design all for free.

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