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Take Recruiting In-House and Scale Qualified Hires

LeadLoft does away with the need for recruiters by giving your team the power to generate qualified applicants with the click of a button. Simply search and select the candidates you wish to speak with and in seconds LeadLoft will deliver qualified applicants to your inbox.

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Recruiting in The 21st Century

Recruiting is expensive or hard, but operating a company short a few team members can be impossible. Take recruiting in house and hire in days, not months.

Find Employees

Find Future Employees

Qualified applicants are hard to come by. LeadLoft will give your team the ability to find approach, and connect with applicants, ultimately bringing recruiting in-house, saving money, and accelerating the hiring process.


Match Applicant Experience & Skill Sets

Maximize time by engaging with prospects who have a skill set that compliments your team. Search by skills, titles, and work history.


Warm & Retarget

Make potential hires aware of your company before outreach through digital ads and multichannel marketing. Follow up with leads through social channels to maximize hire and interview rates.

How it Works

Recruiting Done Right

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No More Late Nights:
Hire Faster

Hiring has historically been a waiting game. LeadLoft changes this by enabling you team to proactively find and hire qualified candidates.

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Filter & Match Prospect Requirements

Search, sort, and filter prospects within the LeadLoft database and generate lists of potential hires instantly.

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Find Applicants by Networks

Search social networks to find candidates that fit your job requirements and get in touch instantly.

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Warm & Educate Prospects

Warm up candidates with multichannel ads and outreach to ensure brand awareness.

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Recruitment Features

More than 300 Million Prospects

Access millions of potential applicants and sort to find the best candidates.

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Prospect Email Finder

Generate candidate emails instantly for rapid hires and even faster outreach.

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Double Verified Prospect Emails

Every prospect email goes through the latest verification methods to ensure 98% deliverability.

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Zapier Integration

Create powerful recruitment pipelines and automations via 1,500+ application integrations.

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Organized Outreach

Deduplicate candidates and ensure zero overlapped messaging among team members.

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Rich Prospect Profiles

Every prospect is enriched to provide deep insights into their background, company, social networks, and more.

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