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Need qualified leads? We have them.

Find leads, generate contact information, and instantly fill your sales funnel! LeadLoft enables sales teams to operate separately from marketing and digital ad teams. This frees up ad spend and expensive salaries for greater investments into sales.

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Generate Leads and
Scale Sales Revenue

Sales teams are only as powerful as the pipelines they're engaging.

Find Leads

Generate High Value Leads Instantly

Give your team the gift of instant lead generation. After outfitting your team with LeadLoft your team can find and engage leads in seconds.


Sales Teams Select & Pre-Qualify Leads

Get your team to take leads seriously by only engaging with qualified leads your team chooses to engage!

Increase ROI

Replace Marketing Spend & Save

Qualified leads from Facebook and Google Ads can cost upwards of $200. Replace ads with LeadLoft to save money and increase profit margins.

How it Works

The Future of Sales

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Generate New Leads with a Click

Within seconds, lists of thousands of qualified hot leads will be at your fingertips.

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Advanced Search Filters

Enter search criteria and generate leads that match your search criteria. Search by location, company headcount, job title, industry and more.

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Prospect the Web for New Leads

Spend money where it matters most, with high value leads and prospects that match your ideal customer demographic.

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Warm Leads

Connect with leads through highly targeted audiences across multiple advertising channels and turn cold leads into interested and aware prospects.

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Enable Your Sales Team

330 Million Prospects

Dip your lead funnel into a bottomless ocean of high quality, up to date, data rich leads.

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Bulk Email Finder

Select settings and generate thousands of leads with the click of a button.

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Bounce Proof Leads

Verified emails deliver with 98% accuracy. Every email generated is run through verification.

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Zapier Integration

Create advanced automation workflows with thousands of integrations.

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No Duplicates

LeadLoft deduplicates data between your team to avoid contacting leads twice.

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Enriched Lead Data

Integrate LeadLoft with your CRM to enrich, prioritize, and convert your inbound leads.

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