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Find Investors & Connect with Them

Select the investor demographic you wish to connect with and LeadLoft will instantly generate investor contact information. Use LeadLoft's team as a resource for best practices to maximize engagement, interest, and investor meetings.

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The Modern Approach to Fundraising

Raising capital can be hard without connection to high net worth individuals or venture capitalists. LeadLoft boasts an entire suite of features specifically designed to connect startups with their target investors.

Find Investors

Find Investors

Need investors but don't have personal relationships or connections? LeadLoft can instantly generate lists of investors on your behalf.


Match Investor Interests

Maximize investment results by engaging with investors and firms specifically interested in your industry, stage, investment type, and location.


Warm & Retarget

Connect with investors before any conversation or introduction takes place through cross channel ads.

How it Works

Modern Fundraising

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Find Investors in Seconds

Within seconds, have thousands of qualified investor contacts at your finger tips.

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Sort & Filter Investors

Don't waste time targeting uninterested investors. Search investors by titles, firm size, interests, stage, and more.

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Search Investors by Networks

Search investors by web and online networks, expanding the LeadLoft database from hundreds of thousands to millions of investors.

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Warm Investors

Make investors aware of your brand before you approach them through digital ads and multichannel ad campaigns.

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Investor Features

600K Investors

Get in touch with an ocean of accredited and unaccredited investors.

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Investor Email Finder

Select settings and generate lists of thousands of investors with the click of a button.

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Bounce Proof Investor Emails

Every investor email is double verified and tested for 98% deliverability.

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Zapier Integration

Create advanced investor outreach processes through integrations with 1,500+ applications.

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No Overlap

Automatically remove duplicates so you can forget about deduplication and focus raising capital.

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Enriched Lead Data

Every LeadLoft lead goes through advanced enrichment providing your team with unique insights into investors.

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