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Target Key Decision Makers through Account Based Marketing (AMB)

LeadLoft does away with the need for recruiters by giving your team the power to generate qualified applicants with the click of a button. Simply search and select the candidates you wish to speak with and in seconds LeadLoft will deliver qualified applicants to your inbox.

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Modern Approach to Account Based Marketing

Recruiting is expensive or hard, but operating a company short a few team members can be impossible. Take recruiting in house and hire in days, not months.

Increased ROAS

Increase ROAS

Increase your return on ad spend by targeting the audiences that make decisions are match your customer profile.


Pre-Qualified Audiences

Skip the qualification process and market to qualified applicants to ensure valuable conversations between your team and the customer.


Warm & Retarget

Warms leads before your team even engages with them. LeadLoft does this internally with our sales team, turning cold prospects into warm interested leads.

How it Works

Marketing with Precision

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No More Wasted Ad Spend

Companies spend millions on advertising to the wrong audiences and low-level employees. Take full advantage of ad spend and target key decision makers holding the company purse.

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Filter & Target Prospects By Key Markers

Target & segment audiences with powerful data markers like company headcount, job title, and location.

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Warm Sales Leads

Assist sales by running highly targeted ads and turning cold leads into warm interested prospects before sales has the chance to make the first touch point.

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Account Based Marketing Features

Segment Audiences with Rich Data Profiles

Every prospect is enriched to provide deeper insights for segmentation and retargeting.

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300M+ Marketing Profiles

Get access to millions of profiles you can segment, retarget, and engage.

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Audience Email Finder

Generate audience emails for multi channel outreach through email, ads, and more.

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Double Verified Prospect Emails

Audience emails are all double verified to ensure 98% accuracy.

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Zapier Integration

Create marketing automation with over 1,500+ applications using our Zapier integration.

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