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LeadLoft For Sales

Increase Revenue with High Value Leads.

Outfit your sales team with the tools and data they need to increase revenue and start high value conversations.

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Quick & Easy

Generate New Leads with a Click

Within seconds, lists of thousands of qualified hot leads will be at your fingertips.

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Advanced Search Filters

Enter search criteria and generate leads that match your search criteria.

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Multi channel

Warm Leads

Connect with leads through highly targeted touch points across multiple advertising channels and turn cold leads into interested prospects.

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Increase ROI

LeadLoft starts at just $0.10 per lead! The average cost per lead on paid search is $60, that makes LeadLoft more than 181 times cheaper than paid ads.

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Scalable Growth

With the tools to generate high value leads at an affordable flat rate, there's virtually nothing holding your sales team back.

Reliable Flow of Leads

Stop wasting valuable time with an empty funnel. Keep your team busy with an endless wave of leads.

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Are you ready to get on the path to scalable growth.

Take advantage of a proven sales process and begin scaling your company.

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Sales Features

Stacked leads

330 Million Prospects

Dip your lead funnel into a bottomless ocean of high quality, up to date, data rich leads.

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Bulk Email Finder

Select settings and generate thousands of leads with the click of a button.

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Bounce Proof Leads

Verified emails deliver with 98% accuracy. Every email generated is run through verification.

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Zapier Integration

Create advanced automation workflows with thousands of integrations.


No Duplicates

LeadLoft deduplicates data between your team so you avoid contacting them twice.

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Enrich Lead Data

Integrate LeadLoft with your CRM to enrich, prioritize, and convert your inbound leads.

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Provide your team the tools needed to surpass metrics and drive a growing company.