LeadLoft Provides Data & Tools to Access Data

While there are complex algorithms and data cleansing techniques running in the background, accessing data through LeadLoft is very simple. Contacts can be generated by searching or prospecting leads.

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How it Works

The LeadLoft Process

Generate Contacts

Searching LeadLoft's database and instantly generate lists of contacts and their contact information that matching your search criteria.


The LeadLoft team will personally design and implement a proven outreach process to engage with contacts.


Once setup is complete, outreach will be automated and you can sit and watch the warm interested contacts roll through your inbox.
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Accessing Data

Search Prospect, & Collect

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Searching accesses LeadLoft's database and can instantly generate lists of leads matching your search criteria.

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Discover leads online and LeadLoft will enrich lead information to provide deeper insights into quality.

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Where does LeadLoft get its data?

LeadLoft only gathers data through ethical and compliant methods.

Worldwide Web

Publicly Available Data

LeadLoft uses publicly available data on the web and enriches the data to to create lead profiles.

Data Aggregators

Data Partners Enrich & Organize Data

LeadLoft partners help to provide and enrich LeadLoft's data.


Data Management

Teams of manual data reviewers ensure all information is accurate and up to date.