Lead Generation

Get Interested Leads Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Need more customers? LeadLoft will drive an endless wave of sales leads straight to your team's inbox.


We build the funnel.
Interested leads land in your inbox.

LeadLoft implements a proven outbound email campaign that instantly generates leads. This enables your team to start closing deals and increasing revenue overnight.

"In the last 2 months, we've already generated more than 100 meetings with interested prospects. The results have been great, we currently see response rates of 24%..."
Augusto Guevara, Director of Sales

How You Benefit

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Consistent Pipeline

LeadLoft provides a scalable approach to sales so you can stop worrying about your next customer and know that there will always be a fresh pipeline of new leads.

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Increase Lead Quality

Invest energy where it matters most, with high value leads and prospects that match your ideal customer demographic.

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Replace Expensive Ads

LeadLoft enables sales teams to operate independently from digital marketing teams. This frees up ad spend and expensive salaries for greater investment into sales (revenue).

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Save Time

Increase team efficiency by automating the sales pipeline and generating an endless wave of new leads landing in your team's inbox.

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Step by Step

How it Works

Step 1

Your Sales Team Selects Leads They Want to Meet With

LeadLoft does away with unqualified leads. Your sales team selects and pre qualifies the leads they want to speak with. The result is high-value leads that maximizes your team's time.

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Step 2

LeadLoft Automates & Optimizes the Rest

Behind the scenes, LeadLoft automatically moves selected leads into the LeadLoft outreach funnel to engage and convert prospects. Over time, LeadLoft will optimize email copy to ensure results.

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Step 3

Interested Leads Land in Your Inbox

The result is interested leads landing straight to your inbox. From here, your team will meet, educate, and close new deals.

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Enable Your Sales Team

330 Million Prospects

Dip your lead funnel into a bottomless ocean of high quality, up to date, data rich leads.

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Bulk Email Finder

Select settings and generate thousands of leads with the click of a button.

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Bounce Proof Leads

Verified emails deliver with 98% accuracy. Every email generated is run through syntax & server verification.

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Zapier Integrations

Create advanced automation workflows with thousands of integrations.

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No Duplicates

LeadLoft deduplicates data between your team to avoid contacting leads twice.

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Enriched Lead Data

Integrate LeadLoft with your CRM to enrich, prioritize, and convert your inbound leads.

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