The LeadLoft Process

How it Works

Learn how LeadLoft puts you in direct contact with potential customers, investors, and journalists.


LeadLoft in a Nutshell

LeadLoft implements a proven outbound email workflow to drive interested leads to your inbox. All you have to do is follow up and close the deal.

Step by Step

How LeadLoft Works

Learn how LeadLoft enables your business to scale growth.
Step 1

Select Who You Want to Contact

Whether it be a managing partner at a leading VC firm in Silicon Valley or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, simply select them and LeadLoft will ensure they're engaged on your behalf.

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Step 2

LeadLoft Builds a 1:1 Outbound Email Campaign

Behind the scenes, LeadLoft implements and optimizes an outbound email campaign sent from your team to engage and convert prospects into interested leads.

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Step 3

Interested Leads Land in Your Inbox

Interested leads respond to your emails and land right into your inbox as a new thread. From here, it's up to your team to meet with them and close the deal.

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Data Compliance

Where does LeadLoft get its data?

LeadLoft only gathers data through ethical and compliant methods.

Worldwide Web

Publicly Available Data

LeadLoft uses publicly available data on the web and enriches the data to to create lead profiles.

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Data Aggregators

Data Partners Enrich & Organize Data

LeadLoft partners help to provide and enrich LeadLoft's data.

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Data Management

Teams of manual data reviewers ensure all information is accurate and up to date.

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