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CRM & tracking

Track leads throughout the funnel with a new era of CRM organization!

The LeadLoft CRM is built to make your life as easy as possible. We organize leads into dynamic lists that provide instant clarity in to what is going on with all of your leads. An example is a "follow up list" that includes a list of leads who have not been contacted in the last 14 days.

After building a couple of lists and organizing all of your leads, your team can use these dynamic lists to see who needs to be re-engaged. This means no lost leads, no confusion, and complete clarity across your entire team.

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Different examples of LeadLoft Lead Views in use.

Work from a single tab & double your team's email output with LeadLoft's integrated Inbox.

Inbox organizes all of your current leads into an easy to use email inbox that sits right in the LeadLoft dashboard. This cuts out all of the clutter and promotional emails from your normal inbox.

With all the clutter gone, your team can focus on customers and get streamline their day to day work flow free from distractions.

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Activity Tracking

Never lose track of deals again with automated communication & activity tracking!

Let's be honest, we all forget to take meeting notes. With LeadLoft, that worry is gone forever. We track every piece of communication between you and your leads to ensure nothing is ever lost in the hustle and bustle of your daily distractions. So when the time comes to hop on a call with them again, you can see exactly where the conversation was left off.

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