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When the Stakes are High, Go Direct.


Schuyler Hawkins

The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 revealed critical communication problems between the world’s two rival nuclear powers of that age: the US and USSR. Astonishingly, memoirs reveal the heads of these superpowers, JFK and Nikita Khrushchev, often had to rely on television news coverage of the crisis to understand what the other side was thinking and doing. The result was numerous misreads and miscommunications, thankfully none of which resulted in nuclear war. Post-crisis the two nations were acutely aware of the problem and established the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link to avoid future disasters.

Messages can easily be lost or misinterpreted when you’re forced to rely on third party communicators. When the stakes are high, the only solution is to go direct. Now you can to the following audience through LeadLoft:

LeadLoft US Industry Contacts

Oil & Energy

CEO: 19,465
Industry Total: 787,815

Green / Renewable

CEO: 8,227
Industry Total: 138,642


CEO: 9,817
Industry Total: 72,212


Investor: 348,837
Angel Investor: 72,646
Accredited Investor: 142,178

Real Estate

Realtor: 585,793
Industry Total: 1,966,289


Blockchain: 47,734
Cryptocurrency: 18,235


Producer: 84,139
Industry Total: 735,572

Clothing / Fashion

Industry Total: 379,449

Food / Beverage / Grocery

Industry Total: 1,360,667


Industry Total: 2,549,526


Doctor/Surgeon/Physician: 813,852
Dentist: 90,203
Pharmaceutical Industry Total: 545,127


Industry Total: 771,033

Outbound prospect communications may begin within 24-72 hours of engagement. To learn more and get started, schedule a time to speak with us here.