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LeadLoft's Legions: Crowdfunding Database By The Numbers


Schuyler Hawkins

In 50 BC Julius Caesar completed his conquest of modern-day France, as well as parts of Germany and the UK, utilizing a force of 30,000 high-quality Roman legionnaires. 18 years prior though, Caesar was largely unaccomplished and his life’s future uncertain. While at a statue of Alexander the Great in 68 BC, the then 32 year old Caesar is reported to have cried, “Do you think I have not just cause to weep, when I consider that Alexander at my age had conquered so many nations, and I have all this time done nothing that is memorable?”

Every entrepreneur can sympathize with Caesar’s moment of weakness and the painful gulf between being and becoming. Caesar was able to realize his dreams though once he was elected Counsel of Rome and empowered with a force of 30k qualified soldiers. Now entrepreneurs can empower themselves with forces of 36k, 120k or 600k qualified leads with which to attack the B2B and investor marketplace. Here’s how LeadLoft’s database of 330 million business contacts breaks down by occupation in the US:

Investor: 348,837

Angel Investor: 72,646

Accredited Investor: 142,178

Founder: 1,326,868

CEO: 1,831,434

CFO: 366,302

CMO: 81,323

CTO: 142,584

COO: 196,260

LeadLoft doesn’t leave you to face these “barbarians” alone. Each package includes CRM integration, sequence email templates and pre-packaged B2B/investor target lists to get you immediately up and running.

Carpe diem.