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Churchill's Marketing Mindset


Schuyler Hawkins

“Every man should ask himself each day whether he is not too readily accepting negative solutions.” - Winston Churchill

In an effort to repair his damaged reputation, Winston Churchill spent WWI serving in the trenches. There he witnessed the futility of the war’s stalemate, with each side repeatedly using artillery and infantry charges to attack the other with no result other than heavy casualties. Rather than settle for the status quo, Churchill returned to Britain and pioneered the invention of the tank, the machine that would end trench warfare and eventually the conflict itself.

Business owners today find themselves in a similar situation, repeatedly pounding their investor and B2B audience with tried and failed marketing mechanisms. Rather than waste time and money on these negative ROI channels, business owners can now steamroll the competition and engage directly with their target audience through LeadLoft.


Facebook Ads: $100-250 per investor

Google Ads: $1.2k per investor

LinkedIn Ads: $1.8k per investor

Email Lists: illegal, goes to spam, poor deliverability, no CRM integration

Web Scraping: time intensive, not scalable

PR: third party, unqualified leads

Newsletters: third party, other companies also featured

Trade Shows: expensive, seasonal


LeadLoft: $10 per investor, 1:1 messaging, universal CRM integration, instantly scalable, legal/CAN-SPAM/GDPR compliant

*Per Investor ROI Calculations